VIP Backstage Passes: Who Should You Talk to for VIP Backstage Passes?

You’ve seen Miss Cleavage try to get VIP backstage passes.  There she is, hiking her skirt up and pulling her shirt down low.  She’s trying to get the attention of the lead singer, trying to seduce him with her tramp dance.  After the concert, you’ve seen Miss Cleavage standing in hopeless expectation.  She never got VIP backstage passes.

How can you get VIP backstage passes?  Miss Cleavage makes an elementary mistake with her tactic every time.  When you are trying to meet Mr. Famous, you must first realize that you can’t simply get the attention of Mr. Famous.  What you need to do is get the trust and respect from the people directly under Mr. Famous.  You can get VIP backstage passes by talking to three different groups of people.

The Opening Act

The first group of people you should start looking to talk to in order to get VIP backstage passes would be other bands besides the main act.  These are the bands that are touring with the people you want to meet.  These bands may be less famous, but they have the connections.  Actually, the fact that the opening bands are less famous works in your favor.  The less famous a band is, the easier it will be to talk to them.

Once you are conversing with a band member from one of the opening acts, one of the first things to keep in mind is that you need to compliment their musical abilities!  This is a great reason to strike up a conversation in the first place.  Compliment their music, and then move on to the fact that you absolutely love the music of the main act.  Tell the band member that the tour they are a part of is spectacular, and express an interest to meet other people involved in the tour.  If you are charming and sincere enough, you might just score VIP backstage passes.

The Concert Crew

People that are part of the concert crew are easy enough to find:  they will be the ones dressed like ninjas and looking serious.  Ok, maybe they won’t have masks on or anything, but they will generally be dressed in all black.  Don’t overlook the security guards either!  Even if they can’t get you VIP backstage passes, they will be very informative and helpful in getting your backstage concert passes.

The Venue Workers

This angle doesn’t always work, but it’s definitely worth looking into.  Whether or not the venue workers can get you VIP backstage passes is very dependent on the particular venue.  The great thing about this technique is that you can start working on it weeks before the concert date.  Become friendly with the workers.  If you are serious and persistent about wanting backstage passes, you could also become a venue worker!

What Should You Say After Getting Your Backstage Concert Passes?

This shouldn’t be hard to do!  All you have to say to the people who help you get VIP backstage passes is the truth.  Thank whoever it is that helps you and let them know how excited and grateful you are.  You can also try to find this person after the backstage party is over.  Let them know what a great time you had thanks to the VIP backstage passes they scored for you!

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